The Venango Barbertones

Temporarily Suspended - Email for Details - We hope to sing again!!!

All shapes and sizes singing together in harmony


Made music before? Youre gonna love singing with us!

Maybe youve sung in these places


Church choir

School chorus

Stage plays and musicals

Band, rock group, folk group, etc.

In the car, in the shower, for your baby

Now you can sing every week! Whether in a chorus or quartet, there are singers waiting to help you share the fun of close harmony... right here in the Franklin, Oil City, Titusville Area.

Never sung before? Its time you tried it!

Most men who say they enjoy singing also believe that with some coaching, they could sing with other people or in front of other people.

The Venango Barbertones & barbershop harmony offers a place for you to blend your voice in close a cappella harmony every week. The more you sing, the more youll want to sing and the better youll get!


Men, join us!!!

Temporarily Suspended Email for details - Meeting each Monday at 7 PM at the Franklin, PA Salvation Army

Corner of 8th and Elk Streets

Franklin, PA

To contact us:


Enjoy the fun and camaraderie of singing and performing together, in harmony!!